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Serving the Needs of Long Term Care Facilities

Cost Savings

Optimized cycles and smaller quantity deliveries help keep costs down for patients and avoid time-consuming returns.

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Immediately available meds and easy med changeover help keep your med-pass on schedule and budget.

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Safer Med Delivery

Our sophisticated automation gives you peace of mind, helps ensure better care for your patients and better service to your facility.

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Improve Medication Changeover

Our proprietary medication exchange system allows nursing to replenish patient meds in the med cart in under 5 minutes as opposed to several hours for traditional punch card delivery

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Tools for a Better Med-Pass

All oral medications are packaged then electronically screened to ensure that that the medication sent is EXACTLY what is ordered for the patient

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Our Packaging is Rapidly Replacing Punch Cards

Customized packaging allows a reduction of waste, substantial cost savings, takes up less space, takes less time to deliver and is sorted before delivery.

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Local In House billing staff

While many in the industry hire outside firms to handle their billing and/or have their billing offices in another part of the country, our billing operations are kept entirely in house at our production facility.

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Secure Billing and Payment Portal

We offer an Online Bill Payment Portal for our patients.

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