Safer Med Delivery Through the Effective Use of Technology

Medi-Wise Long Term Care was just the fifth pharmacy in the nation to adopt advanced machines from the Netherlands which image and verify the completeness and accuracy of every medication packet we dispense.  Combined with sophisticated automation, you should have peace of mind in knowing all of internal processes and equipment we use every day help ensure better care for your patients and better service to your facility.  Every prescription is processed by our highly trained staff using a strictly regimented process. Bar code verification throughout all internal processes to enhance order tracking from point of entry to delivery

medication verification

We were one of the first pharmacies to go "paperless" and have the ability to receive electronic prescriptions from nursing facilities and directly from physicians 

Our services include Interfaces with all major electronic health record systems, including PointClickCare, MatrixCare, and QuickMAR, and include the application of bar codes for scanning at time of administration.

NEW -HIPAA compliant private direct messaging services to enhance communications between pharmacy, nurse, physician, and nurse practitioner during and after normal business hours!