Accurate Med-Pass

Ensuring the Most Accurate Med-Pass Possible

It can be easy to make mistakes.  In a hurry, too many distractions, staff shortages, they all can cause the nurse to lose focus, even momentarily, increasing the risk for a serious error during med-pass.  Modern packaging and distribution systems from pharmacies with advanced capabilities can help you mitigate that risk.

Medi-Wise Long Term Care was just the 5th pharmacy in the nation to acquire and maintain the most advanced medication verification technology. All oral medications are packaged then electronically screened to ensure that your patients and staff receive everything exactly as expected. Every packet is scanned and evaluated for tablet/capsule size, shape, color, surface area to verify that the medication sent is EXACTLY what is ordered for the patient.  Your residents will ALWAYS receive the right dose packaged at the right time for administration.  Medication packet images are maintained on site for 10 years and can be emailed to nursing supervisory staff if needed for QA followup or other purposes.

Advantages of Med-Pass Packaging

  • Short cycle dispensing is the most efficient distribution model for long term care
  • "Ready to use" packaging markedly reduces prescription handling and administration times for nursing
  • Provides a built in cost containment mechanism for Medicare A, Medicare Part D, private pay, and commercial insurance customers
  • Allows for significant waste reduction for discontinued medications, dramatically reducing the need to return meds to the pharmacy, saving nursing time for clinical care

Traditional punch card packaging is cumbersome and offers none of these advantages.  CLICK HERE to learn why the long term care industry is moving away from punch cards and to pre-packaged med-passes.