The Prescription Billing Experts

Knowledgeable Billing Professionals On Site

While many in the industry hire outside firms to handle their billing and/or have their billing offices in another part of the country, our billing operations are kept entirely in house at our production facility.  The result is better communication, improved service and accuracy, and responsiveness to your needs.

Our staff constantly monitors all insurance claims for coverage and when a medication isn’t included in your prescription coverage, we can provide nurse and physician with covered alternatives to keep your costs as low as possible..

Prior Authorization Management

Sometimes, no acceptable alternative is available to treat your condition, and if this occurs, our staff initiates the Prior Authorization process with your plan to get the medication covered.  Our billing team facilitates communications with the prescriber on your behalf to complete the necessary paperwork to get the drug covered.

Nurses and facility administration staff appreciate the time savings from the pharmacy handling the paperwork and applications for prior authorizations.  Just another way Medi-Wise Long Term Care saves them time and money!