We Make Your Life Simpler

Built in Convenience and Customization

Your meds are immediately ready to use when received - No cumbersome sorting of an abundance of punch cards

      Every med pass is packaged, prepped and sorted by pharmacy staff prior to delivery

The easiest med changeover in the industry

     Medication replenishment in med carts using punch cards can be time consuming and cumbersome and can lead to lost nursing time or med erors when cards are misplaced.  Our proprietary tray exchange system ensures that the nurse can complete the entire med exchange in less than 5 minutes!

Meds are presorted according to medpass time

     Med pass packets are packaged by patient in order of administration, separated by day and time of day

     Risk for med-pass outside of regulatory compliance is greatly reduced

     Most nurses see a 30-50% reduction in medpass time when they switch from punch cards.  This means that the nurse has more time for other clinical duties!


     Every packet has a description of each medication to allow for identification when needed

Easily identify administration issues

     The nurse can easily identify if a medication was not given from the previous med pass since the scheduled date and time of administration is printed on the packaging

The perfect prescription for your needs

     A pharmacy packaged med pass saves significant nursing med pass time, minimizes risk for errors, and helps ensure compliance with state administration guidelines


     Packets can be bar coded for bedside scanning with eMAR software 

Med prep for Leaves of Absence

     Our med pass packets make it easy for your staff to repare and send medication with the patient and family for LOA's.  No repackaging is necessary!  Each packet is clearly labeled with the patient name, medication(s), and the EXACT date and time they should be administered.  This greatly enhances patient safety and reduces facility risk!