What Makes Us Different?

What is a "Long Term Care Pharmacy" Provider?

When most people think of a pharmacy, they immediately envision a traditional “drug store” or retail pharmacy that they have seen and is typically a small department in the back of a store with shelves full of drugs and a few people working behind the counter.  The services provided are basic and include filling your prescription, putting it in a bottle, and setting it aside for you to pick up.

What Makes Us Different?

A “long term care pharmacy” is a pharmacy which specializes in providing medications and services to people under the care of others.  This can be someone in a nursing home, assisted living, correctional facility, or a home caring for individuals with developmental disabilities.  They provide a much broader and more in-depth level of services than a traditional "drug store".

 Nursing facilities will contract with a single long term care pharmacy to provide the prescription medications, custom packaging, billing, and other support services that they will rely on to give the best care for their patients. The custom packaging is a critical component in supporting their need to accurately administer medications to all of their patients several times each day.  The services the pharmacy provides are necessary to help the caregiver team to protect the health and well being of the individual and include:


Expert Oversight By A Team Of Clinical Pharmacists

Our pharmacists are clinicians who specialize in services to the industry and screen every new medication order against your existing medications to be sure there are no dangerous drug interactions.  If any issues are identified, we contact your doctor to discuss safe alternatives for you to use.

Monthly Chart Reviews By Our Clinical Consultants 

Our team of clinical consultant pharmacists also review the medical records of each patient at regular intervals per federal guidelines to review each individuals medication regimen, laboratory monitoring for drug therapy, allergies and drug interactions, etc and report any findings to the Director of Nursing and your doctor.  Each review further ensures that the therapies you receive are safe and effective at treating the condition(s) for which you are being treated.


Managing Prescriptions

We have an expert data entry staff who monitors when prescriptions are running out of refills and contact the doctor to get it renewed, saving you time and hassle.  


Expert Billing Oversight

We employ a billing department whose roles include ensuring that any medication prescribed is covered by your insurance and when it’s not, we work with your doctor to find the best alternative medication.

If there are medications such as over the counter items or other items we’ve been asked to provide that may not be covered by the insurance, you receive a convenient monthly invoice for those items. We have many convenient payment options including an auto-pay program.


 Medication Delivery

All of your medications are processed and delivered automatically.  There is no need to call ahead, no need to make multiple trips to the pharmacy.  Your time is important and we take care of the details for you.


24 Hour Emergency Support

We're there when you need us.  We maintain an emergency medication supply in the nursing facility so if the doctor orders a new medication, it can be started right away.  Additionally, we provide 24 hour emergency delivery when critical needs arise.


Custom Medication Packaging

Caregivers administer a lot of medication and the process can be time consuming and there is a high risk for errors especially when dispensing medications from multiple bottles for multiple patients multiple times each day.  The special packaging provided by the pharmacy greatly reduces the risk for mistakes and allows more time for the caregiver to care for the patient in other ways.  We can even include any over the counter medications in this packaging saving you the hassle of having to run to the drug store.

The robotic equipment in our production facility packages the medications so that medications can be administered as efficiently and accurately as possible.  Pre-packaging the medications according to when they are taken helps ensure that the right dose is given to the right patient at the right time.  You simply can’t get that type of accuracy from a bunch of pill bottles.

We have the most advanced prescription verification equipment in the nation.  Every medication packet is scanned by computers, the images are recorded and verified that every medication we give you is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Our packaging also reduces waste and keeps your medication costs to a minimum.  Other pharmacies will ship 30 or more days of medication at a time.  When your medication orders change, the leftover medication is discarded - costing you money.  We send much smaller quantities at a time, saving you money if and when your prescription orders change.

Medical Forms For The Caregivers

State and federal regulations require the nursing facility to perform a great deal of documentation with regards to medications and treatments.  A long term care pharmacy prints and provides the forms they use to document medication administration, treatments, and the overall medical care orders from the doctor.


We are an integral resource for the health care team. In summary, we specialize in providing the services necessary to help the facility and caregivers give the best possible care for the patients they are responsible for.  Our products and solutions not only support the patient, but also help the staff that cares for your loved one.  All of this is provided with no extra service fees or charges and is so much more than a traditional retail pharmacy can provide. Your provider has made a great choice in choosing a high value partner for their team!