Cost Savings

Although you receive a pharmacy delivery daily, medication packets are delivered on a schedule determined by you and best suits your needs.  Skilled nursing facilities generally use a more frequent cycle due to the many med changes which can occur, whereas assisted living, residential care, or other providers can use either a twice weekly or once weekly cycle.  Your cycle is optimized to your needs and can be changed as your needs change.   Delivering in these smaller quantities goes a long way in reducing waste when medications change or are discontinued due to adverse effects or bad side effects. You, or your insurance, are only billed for what has been sent, which saves large amounts of money. 

Reducing Facility Med A and Patient Medication Costs

When your facility has their prescriptions delivered in traditional punch cards, you receive as much as 30 days worth of medication at a time.  When there is a change in therapy, the card has to be removed from the med cart, written up on a return form, and sent back to the pharmacy for credit.  Maybe you get credit or maybe you don't!  Do you ever track if you receive credit for what is returned and calculate how much credit did you actually got?  Who has time for that?  Many pharmacies charge hidden processing fees to process each item returned. Failing to get full credit for the hundreds of meds you send back to the pharmacy adds up to thousands of dollars lost from your budget.  Years of experience have shown time and time again for this to be true.

Additional savings can also be translated from all of the lost time spent through nursing writing up and returning outdated or discontinued medications.  Wouldn't you rather have your nurses perform the professional services they were trained to do rather than things that aren't?  More time with clinical and charting duties means better patient care for your residents!