An Accurate Med-Pass

 Medication errors during the med pass can be dangerous and a serious liability to your facility and your patients.  Your pharmacy service should:

  • Provide the medications in a system that is accurate and efficient for nursing staff
  • Help ensure the lowest possible risk for medication errors
  • Provide for early detection if an administration error was made
  • Allow for cost savings to facility, patient, and insurance

Traditional punch card packaging is cumbersome and provides none of these advantages.  Click the link below to learn more

Waste Reduction and Cost Control

Using short cycle dispensing methodology and the industry's most advanced automation we are able to dispense and deliver as little as two days of medication at a time and can be further customized to your needs.  When drug orders are changed or discontinued, you and your insurance are only charged for what was delivered, dramatically reducing waste and saving thousands in annual costs.

We can significantly lower medication costs for private pay, Medicare Part D, commercial insurance, and Medicare A clients.

Modern Distribution System


  • Far more convenient than punch cards
  • Significantly reduces med pass times for nursing staff 
  • Remarkably easy med replenishment into the med cart in minutes
  • The complete med pass for oral solids is prepared by pharmacy prior to delivery, sorted by patient, by day, and administration time,

Safety and Efficiency

  • Industry leading imaging technology which scans and evaluates every medication packet for color, size, shape, and surface area to verify that the packets contains EXACTLY what is ordered for the patient
  • Greatly reduces the risk for med errors or omissions of medications
  • Packets can be bar coded for med-pass verification with eMAR systems
  • Very easy system of LOA management for facility staff

Advanced Packaging Facilities

Worried about contamination and viruses?  Have peace of mind in knowing that 99% of oral medications that we dispense never touch human hands! Our investment in technology means safer administration for your staff and your patients!

Advanced equipment to image and verify medication accuracy

Bar coding for eMAR verification during med pass and EHR integration

Click the link below to learn more

In House billing staff

While many in the industry hire other companies to do their billing and/or have their billing offices in another part of the country, our billing operations are kept entirely in house at our production facility.  For you, this means more accurate billing and enhanced communication with our production staff.  Additionally, when you need a return call, you'll get the call generally from the same staff member you initially spoke with rather than someone unfamiliar with your situation or concern. 

Our staff continuously monitors all insurance claims for coverage and when a medication is denied, we can provide nurse and physician with covered alternatives as supplied by the insurance plan, keeping your out of pocket costs to a minimum. Billing staff also initiates prior authorization (appeals) protocols with your insurance on behalf of nurse and physician when a medication is needed and payment is initially denied by your plan coverage.

For Patients and Families

We have resources to help you navigate and understand the complexities of prescription billing and insurance processing while you are in a nursing facility.  Click on the links below for further information

What is a "Long Term Care Pharmacy" and how do they differ from a traditional drug store?

Frequently Asked Questions for Patients and Families

Secure online bill payment portal 

If you have further questions, please contact our billing specialists Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm EST 

24 hour Emergency, Clinical and Consultation services

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